The Rounds

How many rounds will there be?

When I started this site, there were only two rounds*, and it seriously looked like @TimRothLietoMe wasn’t going to stick around Twitter anyway because of some weak-ass bullying shit that was going on between his followers. But he’s hung on like the proverbial shag and I think I’m seriously screwed now. We’re already up to nine rounds. Bloody hell.

Although I’ll keep track of the RTRs beyond round ten, I’m going to cap the site at ten for the time being. I mean, if I don’t learn something in ten rounds of brainstorming and creating stuff, we might as well all go home. As they say. Well, as they say where I’m from. As a side note, I’m also going to try share resources in terms of things I read or find online that are useful. Books, blogs etc. I’ll add that section as I collect a few more things and polish off a few more readings.

Why are you setting rules?

It seems a bit restrictive – to give myself rules for what is supposed to be a free-form creative exercise. But a little bit of structure will help set limits on how out of control it gets. Time limits, specifically. Deadlines force you to decide. To move forward. Structure helps you to focus the mind. So that’s why there are rules.

And that’s that.

In closing, I would ask you all to take heed of one of Strummer’s Laws, which simply states:

“No input, no output.”

Yep, Joe Strummer said that. So get out there and absorb like a frickin’ sponge. Meanwhile…

“Off to fly a kite in a lightning storm!”

Yep, I said that.

* I started the round count when he first officially started using the term ‘random’ pre- asking the questions and ending each round when he’s done. A girl has to start and end somewhere! The ULTRA randoms that occurs outside of the start/stop are not included, but can be peeped here.

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