State of the Union?

Chamber pots, chamber maids, chambers stuffed to the gills with politicos. Chambers Street. Brain got chambers on the brai… on itself for this one.

Bring back scratch and sniff movies?

A super delayed, super concussed, super triple-threat project which skates right up to and over the edge of not being all it can be. Scratch and sniff? Set and forget more like.

Christian Bale… Genius performance in The Fighter

Who knew this disaster of incompetence was in my future? Not me. Old dog on the loose and this one’s ripe for tricks. Wait, that didn’t come out right.

Why do restaurants put lemon in my water?!!!

Does putting lemon in your water really refresh? Or are restaurants just beginning to mix up a home remedy for cleaning countertops right at your table?

Is coke with your meal really fucking necessary?

A valid question. Is Coke with anything really necessary? Got me thinking about coke myths. Who was the Norse god of cola anyway?

Handbag vs purse

Stick at the ready, I ferreted through the cluttered handbag of Brain to find the answer to this most probing of questions.

Round 1 is now in play